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Bio-Flex Woven Roving

Aranda Technical Textile’s Bio-flex range of woven roving is made of continuous glass fibre roving which are interlaced in a bi-directional manner to create glass fabrics. The Bio-flex range is compatible with most Polyester, Vinyl Ester, Epoxy, and Polyurethane resins.


Used in most cases to increase the flexural and impact strength of laminates.  Bio-flex is ideal for multi-layer hand lay-up applications where great material strength is required.  Our Bio-flex woven roving is available in variety of weaves and weights.


Benefits of Bio-flex:


  • Cost effective
  • Easy to use
  • Good drape ability
  • Fast wet-out
  • Light weight and ease of transportability

Bio-flex E-glass 195 g/m² Plain Weave

Product Code: BF195

Length: 100m

Width: 130cm




Bio-flex E-glass 280 g/m² Twill Weave

Product Code: BF280T

Length: 100m

Width: 130cm





Bio-flex E-glass 450 g/m² Plain Weave

Product Code: BF450

Length: 82m

Width: 130cm





Bio-flex E-glass 400 g/m² Twill Weave

Product Code: BF400T

Length: 800m

Width: 130cm





Bio-flex E-glass 600 g/m² Plain Weave

Product Code: BF195

Length: 65m

Width: 130cm





Bio-flex E-glass 800 g/m² Plain Weave

Product Code: BF800

Length: 50m

Width: 130cm