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Fibre glass fabrics for the industrial sector


Abrasive Mesh

The Aranda Technical Textiles range of Abrasive Mesh has been specifically developed as the substrate material in the manufacturing of grinding discs.

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Bio-Flex Woven Roving

Aranda’s textile fabrics include the Bio-flex range of woven roving, made of continuous glass fibre roving which are interlaced in a bi-directional manner to create glass fabrics. The Bio-flex range is compatible with most Polyester, Vinyl Ester, Epoxy, and Polyurethane resins.

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Concrete Reinforcement Fibreglass Mesh

Aranda Technical Textiles has developed the Trans-mesh product range as a cost-effective, light-weight and durable alternative to current reinforcement industrial products and solutions. Although, the textile fabric is largely used in the construction industry, the Trans-mesh fibreglass fabrics are now also finding success in other industries – as a substrate substitute or entirely new applications.

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Fibreglass Mesh used in the Installation of Under-floor heating

Our Trans-mesh products can be used to secure and stabilise under-floor electrical heating cables. Under-floor heating is primarily installed under tiles or within a concrete screed. In both applications the mesh also provides stability and reinforcement to the applied tile glue or concrete screed.

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Render Reinforcement Fibreglass Mesh

Our Trans-mesh fabric textile products are ideal for render reinforcement on uneven surfaces or where areas of weaknesses are prevalent. It also prevents cracking on areas that are exposed to increased stress and helps stabilise unstable surfaces. As with all our Trans-mesh products, the mesh is coated with an alkaline resistant coating.

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Mosaic Tile Fibreglass Mesh

Our Trans-mesh products are also used as a backing material for mosaics and stone applications such as granite. The mesh assists in the stability and accuracy during installation. TM154/1 is used for lighter weight mosaics and borders like ceramic, glass etc. TM157R is specially designed for heavyweight boarders and mosaics made from slate.

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